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Acupuncture for Period Pain, PMS and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in London

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Acupuncture for period pain, premenstrual syndrome, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can be highly effective for any of the 80 percent of women who experience one or more of the many symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.

In as many as 10 percent of women in the UK, period pain can be so acute that it becomes significantly debilitating.

Acupuncture for period pain, whether taken alongside conventional pain relief treatments or not, has been shown in many cases to reduce pain intensity in up to half of those women who have taken part in the various studies carried out in recent years.

Acupuncture for period pain and PMS

 Period pain is experienced by most women but particularly affects those who are younger in age. It tends to be a feature of each menstrual cycle, rather than being episodic. In other words, if you suffer with period pain, you probably experience it every cycle, while a minority of women will experience no pain at all.

Pain isn’t the only issue that can come with your period. Many women also experience bloating, mood swings, fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, digestive issues, headaches, and breast tenderness.

Our acupuncture for period pain and PMS in London is holistic, and in aiding the restoration of hormonal balance can help to relieve these symptoms as well as reduce the intensity of any period pain.

Acupuncture can also help to relieve the symptoms of endometriosis, which occurs when endometrial tissue leaves the uterus and is found around the ovaries, the intestines and other organs within the pelvic cavity. This can cause endometrial cysts, which can be very painful.

There are currently relatively few options within conventional clinical medicine for the treatment of endometriosis, so acupuncture can offer an alternative therapy option as part of an integrative approach to your care.

Acupuncture for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS affects around a third of women and is commonly (although not always) associated with those  who have recently stopped taking a regular oral contraceptive. It is diagnosed when 20+ follicles – harmless fluid filled cysts that surround immature eggs – are seen on an ovarian scan.

PCOS can be caused by and often results in further hormonal imbalances that disrupt the menstrual cycle, making them irregular. It means the cycle can be lengthened for some women, shortened for others, or can simply become irregular. As a result, it can disrupt fertility, making it more difficult to conceive.

Common issues are associated with insulin and other hormonal imbalances that can cause undesirable symptoms such as acne, excess hair growth, and weight gain, and can therefore often also have a negative psychological impact.

Acupuncture is an effective and safe treatment for PCOS that has been shown to reduce the number of ovarian cysts, reduce stress, normalise ovarian blood flow, and improve metabolic function. In turn this can improve the chances of successful natural conception as well as conception through IVF.

acupuncture for period pain/PMS and PCOS in London

How does acupuncture for period pain/PMS and PCOS work

Our acupuncture therapy for period pain in London uses superfine needles inserted painlessly under the skin at strategic locations of the body. These stimulate and rebalance the natural inner energy we all have, known as qi.

This ancient Chinese therapy helps to restore hormonal balance and normalise natural healing, reproductive function, and reduce stress and anxiety.

As a holistic treatment, acupuncture can also address unknown or unexplained issues that may be having a negative effect on your general health.

Who can benefit from acupuncture for period pain/PMS and PCOS?

 If you experience painful period cramps, or suffer with PMS or PCOS, then acupuncture can be extremely beneficial in helping to reduce the unpleasant symptoms you may have and in supporting you on a journey to natural reproductive and menstrual health.

You can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture either as a standalone therapy or as part of an integrative approach to your treatment, in which acupuncture and other complementary therapies support your clinical healthcare.

If you’d like to know more about how acupuncture for period pain, PMS, or PCOS in London can benefit you, please get in touch for an informal and confidential chat.

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