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The healing powers of massage are well known, but used as a complementary therapy alongside acupuncture, massage can have additional holistic benefits for your physical health.

At The Acupuncturists we now offer both Eastern and Western massage therapies that can either be delivered as standalone treatments or be integrated into an ongoing programme of acupuncture treatment to augment the benefit you experience.
Eastern and Western massage therapies both bring tangible benefit to healing, but each has its own individual and specific advantages.

Eastern Massage Therapy

As you might expect, Eastern massage is closely aligned with ancient Chinese acupuncture and focuses on the flow of Qi along the body’s energy pathways known as meridians. Just as acupuncture takes a whole-body approach to healing, so Eastern massage also takes a unified view when it comes to spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

And the Eastern approach to massage also aims to improve the balance of the body’s natural energy by stimulating Qi through pressure, rocking, striking, rolling and vibration.

In this way, it can bring broad benefit physically and emotionally, addressing specific problems through an holistic approach.

Western Massage Therapy

Western massage therapy tends to be more directly focused on identified physical problems associated with a specific area of the body and therefore takes a more mechanistic approach to problem diagnosis.

In Western massage, benefit is delivered by working directly on painful areas, using specialised massage techniques to soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation through gliding, tapping and kneading.

Although not an holistic therapy in quite the same way as Eastern massage, it nevertheless brings broad benefit to healing by encouraging relaxation and removing physical and emotional stress.

Our expert massage therapy is based on developing personalised treatment for individual patients and offers a unique healing experience by integrating different disciplines into the care we deliver.

And because we can offer both Western and Eastern techniques, we’re able to vary the technique we use in order to best treat the specific symptoms you are experiencing – from  soft, soothing and relaxing therapy to the deep tissue massage that aims to release long term muscular pain and discomfort.

Our massage specialist, Pouyan Samilian, is a highly qualified practitioner who began his training in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, before studying with the renowned London School of Massage in London. He also trained in Tuina (Chinese medical massage) at the City College of London and is also qualified in Western massage techniques, which mainly focus on Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Massage therapy with The Acupuncturists is available either as part of your acupuncture with Pouyan or can be offered as a separate one-hour standalone session.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how massage therapy can benefit your healing and recovery, please contact us for more information.

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