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Laser Acupuncture in London

One of the main reasons someone avoids going to see an acupuncturist is because they are afraid of needles or they are afraid of the pain they think the needles will cause. Those who have had acupuncture will know that the sensation the fine hair-like needles elicit, is nothing like the typical pain one experiences when having an injection or when having blood taken with a hypodermic needle.

For some people, the thought of being treated with needles can fill them with such dread that they reject even the idea of acupuncture and sadly never get to experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture treatments.

We, at The Acupuncturists understand the fear of needles to be a genuine concern, but because we also feel very strongly about helping people to overcome their illnesses, alleviate pain, and to restore energetic balance in their lives, we offer a needle-free approach to wellbeing.

The effectiveness of acupuncture comes from being able to move Qi the ‘vital life force’ within the body and typically this is done using needles, moxibustion, teishin, and electric stimulation. However, modern research has provided new opportunities for acupuncturists to do this and provide excellent results without using needles.

The lasers used in our practice are low-level lasers or ‘cold lasers’ because they do not produce heat. These are not the same lasers that are used in laser surgery where it is used as a scalpel to burn or cut the skin. Low-level laser acupuncture does not cut the skin at all and patients will feel nothing during the treatment. For this reason, laser acupuncture is the best treatment option for those who have a fear of needles, who are sensitive and it’s great for treating children.


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