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At The Acupuncturists we are delighted to now offer our patients the option to receive electroacupuncture treatment alongside our traditional acupuncture treatments.

This approach, thought to have been first used nearly 70 years ago (although some scholars believe its earliest application dates back to the early 1800s) has many benefits and can be particularly effective in treating patients with differing needs and conditions.

Read on to discover more about electroacupuncture, and please get in touch with us to understand how electroacupuncture might benefit you personally.

What Is Electroacupuncture

What is electroacupuncture?

In electroacupuncture – also known as EA, or electrotherapy – electrodes are attached to two superfine acupuncture needles that are painlessly inserted into the skin at key locations on the body. During treatment a very small amount of electricity is passed through the electrodes using a specially designed machine.

The electrical pulse that this process generates mimics the very gentle manual manipulation of the needles that would normally be performed by your acupuncturist, ensuring proper and effective stimulation of your natural healing energy throughout your treatment session.

Electroacupuncture has also been used by many practitioners to assess organ health, which may also assist and support acupuncturists in diagnosing health issues and identifying appropriate treatment approaches.

How does electroacupuncture work?

Electroacupuncture has many benefits and can treat a number of health issues. It works by activating bioactive molecules and triggering the release of endogenous opioids, such as endorphins, through the stimulation of sympathetic nerves.

These natural hormones and compounds are all part of the body’s natural healing system, working to reduce both sensitivity to pain and also inflammation of joints and muscles.

Studies have also shown that electroacupuncture may release marrow stem cells (MSCs) which can turn into one of three types of blood cell, each with its own medicinal benefit:

  • Red blood cells, which carry much needed oxygen around the body
  • White blood cells, which are part of your immune system and help to fight off infection
  • Platelets, which help to stop bleeding, and therefore accelerate healing

Depending on the condition your therapy is aiming to treat, one advantage of electroacupuncture is that the frequency and intensity of the electrical pulse can be changed to suit the needs of each individual, allowing a treatment plan that is tailored to specific circumstances.

What is the benefit of electroacupuncture?

Although at The Acupuncturists we tend to use fewer needles because electroacupuncture is so effective, where appropriate several pairs of needles can be stimulated at the same time, allowing more areas of the body to be treated in a single session than would usually be the case.

Studies have also shown that electroacupuncture can have a significant nourishing effect on the body, leading to improved general health.

Can you only have one type of acupuncture?

No. You can enjoy the benefits of both traditional acupuncture performed manually and electroacupuncture.

Both approaches use the same principles that have guided the use of acupuncture for around 2,000 years.

Both use acupoints and Meridian networks, which are the networks of energy pathways that we all have, and both are carried out by our highly trained, experienced and expert acupuncture therapists.

Can You Only Have One Type Of Acupuncture

Does electroacupuncture have any undesirable side effects?

Again, no. There have been no reported negative side effects relating to electroacupuncture treatment, although if you are receiving clinical treatment for any health issue, we would always recommend you consulting your GP before receiving any complementary healthcare.

However, electroacupuncture should not be used on patients who have a history of seizures, epilepsy, heart disease or strokes, or on patients with pacemakers. It is also advised that before trying electroacupuncture, patients should make sure to discuss the potential risks and benefits with their practitioner.

During your electropuncture session you may feel warmth or tingling. Generally, patients receiving treatment say the sensation is pleasant and many report feeling calmer following their session.

Whether receiving traditional acupuncture or electroacupuncture, your treatment should be painless.

Why choose electroacupuncture?

Complementary therapies such as acupuncture are becoming more and more popular because they offer people the opportunity to take greater control over their health and healthcare, often whilst also receiving clinical care for the same condition.

Because electroacupuncture (and acupuncture) is complementary, it can be used in tandem with a wide range of other complementary treatments and exercise plans, such as massage, yoga, physiotherapy and aromatherapy, to name just a few.

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