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What does employee absence cost your business each year? And how much of that could you save if you had a staff wellness programme that tackled some of the most common reasons staff give for not coming to work?

Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics show there are around 32 million people in work in the UK. The same organisation estimates 137 million work days are lost to UK business each year due to preventable staff absence.

To save you doing the maths, that means that on average every employee in the country will take between 4 and 6.5 days off for sickness every year. Multiply that by your average daily wage, and you begin to see the long-term scale of the problem you face as a business.

The three biggest causes of employee sickness are, in order, back or neck pain, stress and colds and flu (which include chest and throat infections).

But the truth is, these conditions, like most sickness absence, can be prevented through a considered company benefits programme that gives your employees easy access to regular wellbeing support when they really need it.

Acupuncture is a brilliant way to meet the health needs of your people because it takes a whole-body approach to wellness, helping to resolve multiple emotional and physical health issues at the same time.

The chances are there’s a specific condition or issue that an employee may be struggling with.

But because acupuncture restores balance and energy to the whole body, it can help reduce the risk of other problems developing, mitigate issues which are already present but may not yet be evident and treat any other known symptoms that are unrelated to the primary problem but nevertheless contribute to that individual’s general health.

And it’s not just staff absence that acupuncture can help with. It can also benefit the people who do show up to work every day.

When someone is off work through sickness, the chances are you’re either having to spend money to backfill the gap, or the people who have come to work will take on additional tasks to meet the workload.

And for those who struggle into work with an infection or contagious condition, their healthy colleagues are immediately at greater risk of also succumbing to whatever lurgy is circulating the building.

Either way, otherwise healthy staff have a greater likelihood of suffering with work-related stress or becoming otherwise unwell. Presenteeism, in this context, can be just as damaging to your business as absenteeism.

Making sure you have a good strategy in place to help support and promote good health in your workplace makes a huge amount of business sense and also ensures you’re meeting your legal obligation when it comes to staff welfare, since the Health & Safety Executive has the power to issue fines of up to £20,000 in cases where an employer hasn’t done so.

Acupuncture offers you a perfect solution to the challenges you face in encouraging and fostering a healthy workplace. It allows your staff to have access to regular, proven and effective holistic care, helping to reduce absenteeism and to make a virtue of presenteeism.

Our acupuncture for business can help to resolve issues relating to:

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