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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Employee welfare is no longer optional

The days when businesses could simply rely on box-ticking occupational health schemes to protect employee wellbeing are long past, with more and more firms now seeing the benefit of taking proactive steps to safeguard the health and welfare of their people.

At The Acupuncturists, we treat a wide range of conditions that can be linked back to the impact the patients’ working environments have on them.

Acupuncture is a highly effective whole-body treatment that can achieve exponential benefit in tackling workplace absenteeism through sickness, and reduced productivity and morale through presenteeism.

Because it is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on whole-body treatment rather than targeting symptom-management, in treating one condition it can also have the added ‘halo effect’ of nipping other underlying issues in the bud, before they impact adversely on employee health.

The conditions we regularly see include physical and emotional problems that manifest either as stress or physical pain and discomfort, and so we offer a comprehensive package of corporate treatments that are designed to help companies demonstrate ongoing support for staff wellbeing that goes above and beyond passive interest.

Among the conditions we can help corporate clients manage are:

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We also provide free online resources to help inform business owners, leaders and managers about their legal responsibilities in the workplace.

From this page you can download our latest information pack which explains the role stress plays in the workplace, the estimated cost to business and the simple steps employers can take to mitigate the health risks associated with a condition that is now widely recognised as the biggest health issue affecting UK employees.

To download your free copy of Stress In the Workplace Report simply click on the link below.

What are the advantages of your business working with us?

Our employee wellbeing packages have a number of clear benefits that will help you to identify and deal with problems early.

But more than that, by working in partnership with our award-winning therapists you’ll also be in a position to offer health benefits that are fully integrated into your business – meaning support can be provided to members of staff who need it in a way that doesn’t impact on how the business runs.

We can also talk to your leadership teams about best practice in assessing employee health, the suitability of workstations and the general working environment and ergonomics and how our services can reap rewards when it comes to employee retention and satisfaction.

And of course, working in partnership with a wellbeing clinic can also help to take the guesswork out of meeting your legal responsibilities for employee care.

What are the benefits to employees of your business working with us?

Quite apart from the treatment that your staff will have access to, there is a lot of evidence to show that employees who are offered wellbeing services in the workplace are generally happier, healthier and have greater job satisfaction than in businesses where there is no employee health scheme available.

That translates into better productivity, better engagement and better performance.

I’m interested in finding out more – what are the next steps?

To find out more about our corporate packages and what’s included in them, please click the Corporate Packages link below.

We’re always happy to explore the option of creating a package that is tailor-made for your business and its specific needs. Contact us for a no-obligation, confidential conversation and let’s see how we can help your business support the people who make it what it is.

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