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Get Winter Fit With Acupuncture 

Get Winter-Fit Now

Get winter-fit with acupuncture 

Now, bear with me here – I know no-one is ready to talk about winter yet. We’ve barely experienced a summer and we definitely had a spring stolen away from us – but I want us all to be prepared.

With our global health at its most fragile this year, we need to do what we can to stay one step ahead of the game.

Winter will bring with it all kinds of colds and flus, as it always does. However, this year will be different. We are undoubtedly going to feel a little vulnerable and actively cautious of what germs could be spread as the colder weather arrives. So let’s be ready.

Our immune systems are like this fabulous forcefield that can protect us from all sorts of nasties, but it’s not impenetrable. It needs maintenance and care to keep it strong.

Acupuncture is effective when it’s performed regularly, building up resilience and helping to strengthen the immune system, so starting regular acupuncture during the summer is a smart move to build natural defence against the colds, flu and viral infections that winter brings.

As well as putting rigorous hygiene protocols in place (in your home and work environments), you need your immune system to be ready to fight. Now, more than ever. Having a stronger immune system also means your symptoms may be milder should you become infected by a virus like Covid-19.

The process of using acupuncture to promote better natural immunity against illness targets a specific aspect of the body’s natural energy – known as wei qi – that is present just beneath the skin. This is the energy that regulates perspiration and immunity.

By using superfine needles to painlessly stimulate this energy, it encourages the body’s natural opening and closing of skin pores, which in turn prevents pathogens from entering our system.

Acupuncture helps regulate the nervous system and releases neurochemicals that promote feelings of wellbeing which can support patients through a whole host internal and external factors.

By building acupuncture into your health routine, you’ll make sure you’re balancing your Qi and not leaving your wellbeing to chance.

Of course, we also need to keep healthy through exercise, a good diet and sleep. You may take supplements to support a healthy balanced diet. Make sure you keep up with those. All the vitamins and minerals we can get right now will power up our defences.

I’d like to also bring your attention to the videos on my website. I’ve been asked recently about anyway we can help boost our immune systems at home, so I’ve produced a new video (hosted on my website and YouTube) called Acupuncture Points to Help Boost The Immune System. You’ll find a clear guide on how to carefully use relevant pressure points to support your immune system in the safety and comfort of your own home.

If you’d like to book in some treatment with us please call 07941 183774. To ease your mind, and fully understand, all the precautions we’ve put into place here at the clinic please refer to last week’s blog on re-opening our doors. You’ll find a full explanation of what measures have been put in place to keep you as safe and protected as possible.

I’m going to give my immune system a small boost now with some ginger tea and acupressure. Stay safe and be kind to one another.

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