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We All Need To Heal – And Acupuncture Can Play Its Part

We all need to heal – and acupuncture can play its part

Whilst we continue to make our way through some of the most unusual times of our lives, nationally our mental health is under pressure. Calls to helplines like The Samaritans, Childline, Refuge have all gone up, while the number of cancer referrals from GPs has declined.

Similarly, the number of people needing help is higher than ever, yet our national resources are a long way short of meeting that demand.

Around us, as we have seen in the last few weeks, emotions run high, increasing the need for us to be more considerate than ever of and to our fellow humans.

We are, after all, in this together and we need to work towards this being a great unifying time, an equaliser, because we have seen at first hand exactly how our actions can affect the safety of us and those with whom we come into contact.

Many of us will have embraced more time with our families, but even if that’s the case, the instability of work, the global pandemic, the pressure on our National Health System and the largest race discussion we’ve seen in half a century are all triggers for anxiety.

We need to take care of ourselves so that we can support others.

I recently added two new videos to my YouTube channel about acupressure points you can use at home. One on boosting the immune system and the other on lowering stress and anxiety.

Whilst we are all locked away from those we love and missing out on our usual treatments, I hope you can use these to support your wellbeing right now.

Many of us won’t have experienced stress like this before, and it manifests itself in all manner of ways – from tension headaches and muscular issues to increased blood pressure, or an ever-present knot of fear in the stomach.

Acupuncture and acupressure are a direct way of treating stress and anxiety as it can generate a calming effect almost straight away.

Acupuncture decreases stress by releasing endorphins that are like natural painkiller chemicals in the brain. It improves blood circulation throughout the body and boosts the amount of oxygen in our muscle tissue. Some people experience a feeling of relaxation immediately after the insertion of the first needle.

There may be a disconnect between our wants and what we are currently living through. Try not to let stress bring you down.

I’ll just leave you with a few other stress reducers I’ve come to rely on recently:

  • Breathe – you don’t have to meditate for hours, just regularly close your eyes, bring your attention to your breath and take some deep breaths to bring on an instant moment of calm.
  • Find your routine and stick to it. It can help you find order in chaos and keep you motivated.
  • Have you ever been asked ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ Well, the answer is ‘One bite at a time.’ Divide bigger jobs into smaller ones and go from there.
  • Perform daily acts of kindness – even the smallest bit of thoughtfulness can make a huge impact on you and others.
  • Write to-do lists – You forget less, you can easily see your priorities and crossing things off a list is pure satisfaction.
  • Ask people how they are and listen to the answer. If it’s ‘fine’ ask them again. And when you’re asked, answer honestly; talking is a wonderful therapy.
  • Make a list of ‘pick me ups’ things like cooking, baths, chatting with friends, watching sport, making yourself one of the good coffees that’s kept on a higher shelf. Prioritise these things when needed. It’s important to keep enjoying yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking for help. Personal problem solving is hard and may not be what you’re used to. If you usually talk things through with someone, pick up the phone to them. People like helping people.

We will be reopening our doors to patients on 22nd June, with all our instructed Covid19 regulations in place and in force. Acupuncture is the best support for stress, so please get in touch to make an appointment.

And please do also share this article, or my videos, with everyone you think, will benefit.

Remember – we can’t ever fully understand the plight of others, so it’s even more important for us to stay kind and be tolerant.

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