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It’s time to take control of your health for 2021 with acupuncture

It’s time to take control of your health for 2021

Here we are on the threshold of another new year. Twelve months ago, coronavirus was a news story languishing near the bottom of our newsfeeds and none of us could have predicted what was to come.

As is customary at this time of year, many of us will be thinking about how 2021 might be different to and, hopefully, very much better than 2020, but I’m sure there are those of us who also feel a sense of trepidation about making any firm plans for the year ahead.

Speaking personally, there’s a big part of me that thinks Well, if we got through that, we can get through anything and I realise that my own priorities have changed a lot since we stepped through midnight nearly 366 days ago.

With apologies for seeming to be presumptuous, I think that if you sit down and think about what your own needs might look like in 2021, you’ll find your priorities have changed, too.

A year ago, my focus was probably a lot like everyone else’s. There were aspects about myself that I knew needed some work, but I also made a lot of assumptions about some of what I wanted to achieve.

There was the continued success of The Acupuncturists to consider, of course. I was looking at growth and success during 2020, for sure, but I was doing it in a way that presumed we would be living in the world as I knew it then.

And of course, that was as far away from what happened as it was possible to get.

Lockdown hurt us all. For those of us in the health & wellbeing, personal care, and hospitality sectors, running businesses that relied on personal contact, the world came to a shuddering halt.

The effect on financial certainty, for all of us as well as for the people employed in those sectors, was like a tap being turned off. Everything just stopped overnight.

That lack of certainty was really tough for everyone. But the pain – or at least that pain – and how it affected me has not been the most lasting memory or experience that I’ll take from the year of the pandemic.

What has affected me more – what I have learned most from this experience – is the enormous capacity we have as humans to take what we have for granted, and changing that aspect of my own life is what I have begun to try to address and will continue to try to address through 2021.

The simple freedom to act as I wish and speak to people normally rather than through a mask or over a device has been a keen loss. So, too, the loss of physical contact with fellow human beings from whom I have been separated over the last nine months.

To be able to share an embrace or a handshake or a comforting hand on the shoulder, or to be in the physical presence of friends and family when they speak to me, rather than seeing them through a video screen, are privileges I now realise I mistook for entitlement.

But the greatest sense of wrongful entitlement has been the one I have had regarding my own health.

Though I am one of the lucky ones who have come through this year without suffering serious ill-health, I have encountered so many people who haven’t been as fortunate.

I have always known, through my own set of beliefs and my professional training as an acupuncture therapist, that good health is a precious gift. It is something that is at the very core of my own values and I like to think I walk that talk every day.

Yet still I find myself looking back at this year and coming to the realisation that even though I have known for much of my life what a fragile gift good health really is, I have never until now really seen the evidence of that truth so closely or so personally.

We all expect the status quo to endure. That’s what makes it the status quo, after all – the fact that it is the common state of being. But as with all rules and laws, it is the exceptions that prove them. And if nothing else, this year has been exceptional in its indiscrimination.

So, my message to everyone this year is to take what has happened in 2020 and use that experience to inform your choices in 2021.

If this year has taught us anything it is that protecting our health should be a priority. Acupuncture is a fabulous way to achieve that, because as well as addressing specific issues and conditions you know you have, its holistic approach also treats underlying problems that may be undetected.

Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment, is also painless, using superfine needles to trigger and rebalance the body’s natural healing energy and provide natural treatment and recovery for many conditions that include:

So why not make a deal with yourself this year to take control of your health and invest time and energy into safeguarding the most precious gift you have – and one that you may not be able to easily replace?

If you’d like to find out how acupuncture can be part of your journey to better wellbeing during 2021, please do get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you happiness, success and – above all – good health now and always.

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