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Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Book Acupuncture!

Eat, drink, be merry, book acupuncture!

The briefest look at the ads currently swamping your evening TV viewing is proof positive that whilst Christmas is a holy time for a good proportion of the world’s population, it’s also a time for good living.

Food and drink have been a part of the holiday festivities for centuries.

In A Christmas Carol, Dickens devotes pages of the story to descriptions of the stuff, from the thin gruel that Ebenezer Scrooge sips just prior to meeting Marley’s Ghost, to the mountain of food surrounding the Ghost of Christmas Present and the meagre food that makes up the Cratchit’s Christmas lunch.

He even chooses food as a metaphor as Scrooge reasons that Marley might be a figment of his imagination caused by ‘a blob of mustard’ or an ‘undigested piece of potato’.

It’s fair to say that good living is as much a part of Christmas as trees, tinsel and tidings of comfort and joy.

For many people, food and drink is also their undoing. We tend to overdo it in the holidays, feasting on foods that we probably rarely touch at any other time of the year – rich puddings, plates that heave under the weight of turkey and all the trimmings, crisps and nuts, sweets and chocolates and more alcohol than is probably good for us.

In most cases the effects are temporary, and we manage to counteract the adverse effects of the Christmas knees-up with some antacid and indigestion tablets. Demand for these products rockets over the festive season – to the point where some pharmacy blogs go as far as recommending them as a ‘must-have’ for the holidays.

In most cases, laying off the rich stuff will be enough, but for those who have existing chronic digestive issues or sensitive systems, chugging back some indigestion tablets is only going to hide the real problem.

Acupuncture is a fantastic way of helping to resolve digestive issues and restore balance to your internal health.

It’s a centuries-old treatment that began in Ancient China and involves painlessly inserting super-fine needles into the skin at specific locations on the body.

This stimulates the body’s natural energy, known as Qi (and pronounced ‘chee’), which in turn removes the blockages that lead to poor or reduced health and functionality.

In recent blogs, I’ve talked about why painkillers shouldn’t be the first port of call when dealing with musculoskeletal problems, and the same is true of over-the-country products like antacids.

If you regularly experience discomfort after eating, then it’s important to be checked by a doctor. But if there is nothing obviously wrong, it could simply be that you have a particularly and chronically sensitive digestion system.

Together with a healthy diet, acupuncture can help to resolve the issues that cause the sensitivity. While indigestion medicines will relieve the symptoms temporarily, they do nothing to actually deal with the root cause of the problem.

The added benefit of acupuncture as a treatment for digestive issues is that because it is an holistic therapy and doesn’t simply treat targeted areas of the body, it can also help to tackle problems that you may not even know are an issue.

If you’re worried about the effects of indulging in good food and drink this Christmas, why not book in for an acupuncture session and see the difference it can make. And you can find out more about the treatment we offer either by looking at the relevant page of our website or getting in touch for an informal conversation.


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