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Give the gift of better health this year - Acupuncture

Give the gift of better health this year

What a year it’s been. When the Big Ben chimed in 2020 at the climax of our New Year celebrations last December, only those who had been closely following international news would have had an inkling of what was to come.

Nearly 11 months later, we stand on the brink of ushering in another new year, hoping for all our sakes that it is a different and significantly better 12 months that lie ahead.

As we begin the run-in to what will inevitably be a very different Christmas to those we have celebrated before, and thoughts turn to the presents we buy for our loved ones and close friends, there is one gift above all others that many people will appreciate above the usual trinkets and shiny things that ordinarily fill stockings up and down the country.

And that gift is the gift of health.

Amid all the material things delivered by Amazon and wrapped beneath the tree, the opportunity to make positive changes in the way we live and how we look after ourselves may well be the present that brings the greatest joy.

This year we’re doing, even more, to put the road to better health within reach of everyone, with our gift vouchers that people can exchange for acupuncture sessions that will not only ease the anxiety we’ve all felt over the past eight months, but could also be a ‘reset button’ for how we approach our future wellbeing.

Acupuncture is an amazing holistic complementary therapy that harnesses our own natural healing energy to restore balance in our general health and help us to practice better self-care emotionally, nutritionally and physically.

It’s a treatment that’s been with us for thousands of years. First practised in Ancient China, it has evolved into one of the most effective and popular complementary health therapies available anywhere in the world.

Using superfine needles that are inserted painlessly into the skin at specific and special points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the natural energy that flows within us throughout our lives. This energy is called Qi and is pronounced ‘chee’.

Qi is the body’s great healer, but sometimes this remarkable and powerful energy becomes blocked or distorted as a result of stress and anxiety, trauma, lifestyle factors and excessive or stuck emotions and needs to be restored to its natural state in order to do its healing work.

Think of it a bit like the wiring in your house. If the wiring short circuits or a fuse blows, you’ll suddenly find you’re without lights, or maybe your white goods, television set or broadband won’t be working

When that happens, we need to repair the fault to restore power, and it’s this process of repair and restoration that acupuncture enables.

To be truly effective, we need more than one acupuncture session to properly rebalance our qi, so our gift vouchers can be exchanged for multiple treatments to get you started on your journey to better health. But we’re also offering a voucher for a first treatment – normally £120 – at a discounted cost of £100

We also offer a voucher for a package of three sessions in total at £280 – and if you’re interested in buying a voucher for six or more treatments, further discounts are also available – just get in touch to find out more. And of course, you can also get in touch if you’d like to know more about gifting acupuncture treatments or you’d like to find out about acupuncture and its benefits. We’d love to hear from you.

Terms and conditions for our voucher offer are available on request. Please contact us.

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