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AcuGraph 5 is a revolution in modern acupuncture, enhancing the effects of ancient techniques by applying modern science.

AcugraphIs acupuncture an art or a science? In all honesty, it’s both. The science comes from thousands of years of clinical application of the principles of acupuncture, and the art consists in understanding the patient as a whole person, and discerning for many clues, the pattern of disturbance at the root of the problem.

Modern medicine is so science dominated that art never really enters the equation much at all. In today’s world of insurance mandates and evidence-based medicine, people increasingly expect objective outcome measures like lab tests, imaging studies, charts and reports. It is therefore, totally understandable that it can take an ever increasing leap of faith for the average person to accept the premise that the pulse can tell your acupuncturist something about the liver, or the tongue can reveal the function of the heart. The idea that universal life force energy circulating in the meridians (channels) in regulating the body functions, is as foreign to this world view as MRI imaging would have been in ancient China.

So here we are, steeped in expectation for a scientific approach to healthcare, yet asked to have faith in the unseen, and the unknown life force called ‘chi’. It’s a situation where a little proof will go a long way. The good news is that there is a growing body of good solid science behind acupuncture and as technology increases, so do the studies demonstrating the validity of acupuncture treatment.

We, here at The Acupuncturists have access to these modern methods and tools to objectively demonstrate the reality of acupuncture meridians and the energy that circulates there.  The AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system is where ancient wisdom meets modern technology. This computerised tool analyses the energy flow through a patient’s meridian lines and the information ascertained gives a clearer picture of a patient’s condition and helps to provide the best treatment possible.

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