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About The Acupuncturists in London

About Archna Patel
MBAcC. LicAc.

As one of the leading acupuncturists in London, Archna has been treating clients for a wide and diverse range of conditions for over 18 years.

Though she has a special interest and expertise in treating Women’s Health and Male and Female Fertility issues, she also has extensive experience treating a wide range of stress-related conditions from headaches and migraines to back and neck pain from digestive disorders to anxiety, insomnia and mood swings

Archna attributes her success to the fact she recognises that every client she meets has unique needs based on unique symptoms and unique lifestyles – and so she has made it her business to ensure her own treatments are uniquely tailored to the patient.

Using traditional methods to determine underlying energetic imbalances, she also uses state-of-the-art technology to highlight issues that may be the root of the symptoms that present physically. Her track record of successful treatment and hundreds of happier and healthier clients owes much to her efficient diagnoses and keen professional judgement.

She has practiced in London with a range of well-regarded private clinics and started her own practice ten years ago, assembling an enviable client base based on personal recommendations and referrals.

She is a graduate of the internationally-acclaimed College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements.

About Archna

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About Marina Cosmetatos
MBAcC, MSc CHM, BSc (Hons) Acupuncture

Marina is a highly qualified acupuncturist whose 15 years of practice experience in London allows her to provide effective treatment that draws on a number of different traditions from East Asian medicine.

A member of the British Acupuncture Council, she combines knowledge and practice in gentle yet powerful Japanese acupuncture, modern and integrative scalp acupuncture, ancient Yuan Qi techniques and traditional Chinese medicine to deliver highly effective and innovative healing that looks beyond simple symptom management.

The multi-dimensional diagnostic techniques intrinsic to Oriental medicine means Marina can identify and then resolve the root causes of the conditions and problems that bring patients to her.

She has a Master’s degree in Chinese herbal medicine from Westminster University and continued her studies through post-graduate learning in Osaka and internship training in hospitals in Beijing.

A lot of attention in acupuncture treatment is focused on stress-relief and rebalancing the body-mind equilibrium and the treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, grief, worry, OCD and other such conditions is essential in sorting out physical complaints.

Marina has extensive experience working with autoimmune and hormonal disorders, including allergies and food sensitivities, IBS and Crohn’s disease, asthma, thyroid gland imbalances, and other digestive and endocrine conditions.

Marina Cosmetatos 1

Marina’s work includes more than a decade specialising in gynaecology, fertility and pregnancy support, helping women at all stages of life – painful periods, pre-menstrual tension, PCOS and endometriosis, preparation for labour, and peri-menopausal complaints.


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