General Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellness lies at the core of our philosophy here at our clinic. It is the result of a combination of factors, mind, body and spirit. Traditional acupuncture treatment focuses on bringing about a harmonious balance within all of these factors and as a result it is a treatment modality, which is growing in popularity as more and more people are experiencing the benefits to their general health and wellbeing.

On the whole, in the West, it is considered, that someone who is free of any physical symptom, is healthy and well, and yet how many of us have experienced or known someone who has experienced a sense of not feeling good within themselves or just not feeling on ‘top-form’ despite not having any physical symptoms?

Chinese medicine, understands that feeling good means far more than the absence of a physical symptom and as such, acupuncture focuses on achieving relaxation and energetic balance within the body helping to bring about an improved sense of wellbeing.

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