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London Acupuncture Clinic

Welcome to The Acupuncturists, a leading acupuncture clinic in London offering treatment for musculoskeletal pain, cosmetic acupuncture therapy, fertility issues and specialist auricular care.

Acupuncture may have two thousand years of history, but it’s as relevant to good health today as it ever was.

This remarkable ancient Chinese therapy helps to rebalance the body’s energy, boosting natural wellness, relieving musculoskeletal pain and improving symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches and poor sleep.

Now The Acupuncturists are helping people across Central London to experience the healing power of acupuncture for themselves.

From a comfortable, relaxing and professional acupuncture clinic in London near Harley Street, our therapists bring all their experience, passion and training to their work, helping people beset by pain, discomfort and emotional stress to feel well and enjoy life.

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists19 hours ago
A number of commonly used drug treatments for chronic primary pain have little or no evidence that they work and shouldn’t be prescribed, NICE has said in its draft clinical guideline published on the 3rd August 2020 on the assessment and management of chronic pain in over 16s.

Instead, people should be offered supervised group exercise programmes, some types of psychological therapy, or acupuncture.

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists20 hours ago
Not everyone is ready to face the world after lockdown. There is still a lot of fear and anxiety around health and finances and for lots of people the stress of trying to get back to normal when no-one really knows what normal looks like. And for A Level students, anxiety levels are at an all-time high as they wait to find out what grades the predictive process has awarded them.

Whether you're young or not so young, worried about your health or your job or your academic future, the Feel Good Rooms wellbeing initiative run by one of the UK's leading hypnotherapy and coaching clinics offers a proven antidote to the high-pressure realities of our post-lockdown world. If you haven't experienced the Feel Good Rooms before, now's your chance to take part at absolutely no cost.

This Thursday's free taster session from Zoe Clews & Associates offers a grab bag of knowledge, techniques and skills that will help you to manage your emotional health on an ongoing basis - enabling you to get on with life confidently and positivity. Clock below to make sure of your free place.

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists2 days ago
Can acupuncture prevent pain? I’ve written two blogs about why I think it’s important for us to try to avoid getting to the point where we need medication to deal with discomfort, and my final article looks at pain prevention.

We’ve probably all heard the old saying that prevention is better than cure, and it’s true. The problem is that we’re not always very good at taking the steps we need to help us avoid the aches, pains and common illnesses that many of us experience in life.

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