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London Acupuncture Clinic

Welcome to The Acupuncturists, a leading acupuncture clinic in London offering treatment for musculoskeletal pain, cosmetic acupuncture therapy, fertility issues and specialist auricular care.

Acupuncture may have two thousand years of history, but it’s as relevant to good health today as it ever was.

This remarkable ancient Chinese therapy helps to rebalance the body’s energy, boosting natural wellness, relieving musculoskeletal pain and improving symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches and poor sleep.

Now The Acupuncturists are helping people across Central London to experience the healing power of acupuncture for themselves.

From a comfortable, relaxing and professional acupuncture clinic in London near Harley Street, our therapists bring all their experience, passion and training to their work, helping people beset by pain, discomfort and emotional stress to feel well and enjoy life.

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists4 hours ago
Chronic pain is one of the most emotionally destructive experiences anyone can go through. It eats away at positivity, resolve and resilience and can leave people unable to motivate themselves to look much beyond the next dose of painkillers.

There’s now plenty of evidence to show the scientific link between pain and depression and neuroplasticity has become widely recognised as a big factor in effective healing.

#London #Acupuncture #Healing
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists1 day ago
"After a month of regular treatments, I couldn’t help but notice a difference. I would always have the best sleep of the week the night after my acupuncture appointment. And I would also feel lighter. My chest wouldn’t be clenched as tightly and the raw current of anxiety that seems to continuously float just beneath the surface of my skin was dissipate for a while, allowing me to experience a semblance of normalcy, if only for a little while. And I’m not the only one finding relief for anxiety with acupuncture."

#Anxiety #London #Acupuncture
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists3 days ago
Increasingly, organisations involved in supporting people with cancer have turned to complementary medicine to offer patients options to provide relief from symptoms that can be exhausting physically and corrosive emotionally.

The global cancer charity, for example, highlights acupuncture as an increasingly popular option for patients looking for respite from nausea, hot flushes, fatigue, vomiting and pain.

And here at The Acupuncturists, we’ve begun to see a rise in interest in our treatments from patients with cancer who want more choice in how they manage and ease the symptoms they’re forced to live with -

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