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London Acupuncture Clinic

Welcome to The Acupuncturists, a leading acupuncture clinic in London offering treatment for musculoskeletal pain, cosmetic acupuncture therapy, fertility issues and specialist auricular care.

Acupuncture may have two thousand years of history, but it’s as relevant to good health today as it ever was.

This remarkable ancient Chinese therapy helps to rebalance the body’s energy, boosting natural wellness, relieving musculoskeletal pain and improving symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches and poor sleep.

Now The Acupuncturists are helping people across Central London to experience the healing power of acupuncture for themselves.

From a comfortable, relaxing and professional acupuncture clinic in London near Harley Street, our therapists bring all their experience, passion and training to their work, helping people beset by pain, discomfort and emotional stress to feel well and enjoy life.

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists2 hours ago
Give the gift of better health this year! 🎄🎅🎁

Acupuncture is an amazing holistic complementary therapy that harnesses our own natural healing energy to restore balance in our general health and help us to practice better self-care emotionally, nutritionally and physically.

To be truly effective, we need more than one acupuncture session to properly rebalance our qi, so our gift vouchers can be exchanged for multiple treatments to get you started on your journey to better health. But we’re also offering a voucher for a first treatment – normally £120 – at a discounted cost of £100.

#Acupuncture #London #Christmas
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists1 day ago
There are few things in day to day life that are worse than living with back pain. Because acupuncture for back pain has been clinically proven to be an effective therapy, it’s become a popular way for people with sporadic and chronic discomfort to find lasting relief.

Dozens of clinical studies have shown that acupuncture has a demonstrable benefit when it comes to treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions and related issues – which also include neck and joint pain as well as migraine and headaches -

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists2 days ago
Are you curious to know how Acupuncture can help you with stress?

"After once the needles were removed, I felt calmer and more relaxed. While I was there, I didn’t think once about work deadlines, home admin or the growing pile of emails in my inbox. That night, I slept better than ever. No midnight loo run or aimless wandering. And the nights that followed, I continued to sleep through."

#Acupuncture #Stress #London

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