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Acupuncture London Marylebone Clinic

Archna Patel (MBAcC. Lic Ac. AFN. ACT) is a Central London acupuncturist with a clinic in Marylebone. 

Acupuncture may have two thousand years of history, but it’s as relevant to good health today as it ever was. This remarkable ancient Chinese therapy helps to rebalance the body’s energy, boosting natural wellness, relieving musculoskeletal pain and improving symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches and poor sleep.

Now Archna Patel is helping people across Marylebone and London to experience the healing power of acupuncture for themselves. From a comfortable, relaxing and professional acupuncture clinic, Archna brings all her experience, passion and training as an acupuncturist to her work, helping people beset by pain, discomfort and emotional stress to feel well and enjoy life.

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Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists6 hours ago
Stress and anxiety are the result of the subconscious going into protection mode, but whilst the two conditions start life as a psychological response, both have a negative impact on physical and mental health if they’re left unchecked.

Acupuncture for stress and anxiety is an approach which has been proven to be effective in re-setting the body’s natural energy flow and significantly reducing the physical and emotional effects of living life on a constant psychological knife-edge.

#stress #mentalhealth #acupuncture
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists21 hours ago
A growing body of evidence suggests acupuncture can enhance the success of IVF treatment.

Studies have shown that where acupuncture has been integrated into clinical IVF treatment, the likelihood of a subsequent successful pregnancy was substantially increased.

If you’d like to find out more about our acupuncture for fertility, why not contact us for a completely confidential chat with our qualified acupuncturists?

#acupuncture #IVF #fertility
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Acupuncture and IVF treatment
A growing body of evidence suggests acupuncture can enhance the success of IVF treatment. Find out more about acupuncture and female fertility - we have a fa...
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists
Archna Patel - The Acupuncturists2 days ago
There’s no getting away from the fact that pregnancy is one of the many indisputable miracles of life. The sheer weight of odds that make up every successful conception mean the pregnancy and birth that follow are literally living proof of the wonder of the human body and the reproductive process.

But let’s be honest here, ladies – we can probably all agree there are some stages of pregnancy when even the most radiant and positive mum-to-be among us can begin to wonder whether their own pregnancy is really the blessing they thought it was.

From morning sickness to lower back and pelvic pain, headaches to depression and sleep problems to lethargy, the road that leads to the patter of tiny feet can be fraught with challenges – but luckily, acupuncture can provide the answer.

#pregnancy #acupuncture #London

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